The Walbar story

Walbar Engine Components has a rich history dating back to 1951, which included several different corporate parents, including Coltech, Goodrich and United Technologies.

The latest chapter started in September 2016 when WALBAR, once again, became an independent company.

Since that day, we have initiated a comprehensive process to restore the Company’s reputation and global competitiveness.

In a relatively short period of time, we reestablished sustainable operational performance and financial stability, which enabled us to restore customer confidence and position the Company for growth.


  • Walbar Inc. is founded in Tempe, Arizona


  • Coltec Industries acquires Walbar
  • BF Goodrich acquires Coltec Industries


  • Walbar transitions operations to facility in Guaymas, Mexico


  • Guaymas facility expands to 70,000 ft2


  • Goodrich transitions Chandler, AZ operations to Guaymas
  • UTC acquires Goodrich; UTC Aerospace Systems established (UTAS)


  • Walbar Inc reorganized as Walbar LLC
  • Cornerstone Capital acquires Walbar, LLC (dba Walbar Engine Components)
  • HQ location reestablished in Tempe, AZ


  • Building expansion in Guaymas, adding 35K ft2


  • Resumption of manufacturing in Chandler, AZwith 25K ft2 of manufacturing space

The Walbar Vision

Today we are investing in new capacity, capabilities and technology to continue our transformation.

Tomorrow we will continue to work to achieve our vision: “A Walbar Component on Every Engine in the World

How can we be of service to you?

Our success is grounded in three key principles which guide our actions

1. People First

Our employees, our most valued resource; our goal is 100% employee health and safety

2. 100% Quality

We understand and appreciate that our products are flight-critical; we take this responsibility extremely seriously.

3. 100% Delivery

We are a direct extension to our customer’s engine assembly operations; we take great pride in exceeding their expectations

Building 1

Guaymas, Mexico

  • Focused on large commercial aerospace engine components (Turbine Blades, vanes/NGVs, Seal Segments)
  • Includes extensive special processing department
  • 70,000 ft2 (~10,000 ft2 of open floor space)

Building 2

Guaymas, Mexico

  • Focused on turbo-charger assemblies, turbine wheels and compressor wheels, including assembly, balancing and test
  • 35,000 ft2 (~15,000 ft2 of open floor space)

Building 3

Chandler, AZ

  • Focused on aerospace engine components for commercial and military applications (Turbine Blades, vanes/NGVs, Seal Segments)
  • 25,000 ft2 (~15,000 ft2 of open floor space)

Facilities & Locations

In September 2016, Walbar was operating from a single 70,000 ft2 facility with little room available for growth.

With increasing demand from existing and prospective customers, we initiated a facility expansion project in 2017 within the Guaymas, Mexico industrial park to create room for growth.

In 2018, we completely relocated all equipment that supports the diesel locomotive customers, including all heavy broaching machines and a majority of our large milling machines.

By doing this, we re-established our original building (Building 1) as a purely Aerospace-focused plant and we were able to free up ~15,000 ft2 of manufacturing space in the process.

Our new building (Building 2) is 35,000 ft2, of which only ~50% is currently utilized leaving an additional ~15,000 ft2 of available manufacturing space to support additional growth.

In March 2019, at the request of several current and developing customers, we signed a new lease for a 25,000 ft2 US-based facility located in Chandler, AZ that will become a valued complement to our extensive Mexico-based capabilities.

Similar to Building 1 in Guaymas, Mexico, this facility will focus exclusively on aerospace turbine components and will allow WALBAR to produce certain military components that are not able to be produced outside of the United States. As of today, we have ~15,000 ft2 of space available for future growth.

Today, WALBAR’s operations total 130,000 ft2 extended across three purpose-built facilities and we are excited to continue our exciting growth story.

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