Drive to Zero Defects Supplier Forum

July 2019, Walbar was invited to participate at Rolls-Royce Supplier Forum in Indianapolis. Only four suppliers were selected between 44 participants to present their journey through Zero Defects.

Walbar proudly shared their best practices for Zero Defects approach and strategies implemented through recent years, to mention a few: use of Quality core tools, robust RCCA, visual management, KPI’s roll-out, SPC implementation, PFMEA, training and skills matrix and more.

Walbar DZD strategy started in 2017 with a clear goal in mind and answering three key questions:

Why do we want to do this?

  • We want to manufacture the future of power and flight to connect what matters most
  • We are committed to exceed customer expectations

How we will do this?

  • By defining a complete strategy to change the culture and focus on what is important for the business.
  • By making sure EVERYONE on the team is committed and moving in the same direction, (Right people in the right seats)

What needs to be done?

  • Specific activities and projects were defined to achieve the Zero Defects goal.
  • The sum of all these specific actions are leading to performance improvement.

Walbar received a Golden pin from Dr. Ian Riggs, granted only to those suppliers standing out due to their commitment with Zero Defects.

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