WALBAR Engine Components specializes in extremely tight tolerance grinding and EDM machining of turbine blades, vanes and seal segments and we have extensive competency in 5-axis milling, turning and broaching to produce turbine wheel and impeller assemblies, blisks and turbine rings.

Walbar’s aerospace turbine component manufacturing meets all the requirements of airplane and helicopter manufacturers: consistency, reliability & cost-effectiveness.

In addition to our well-known experience in turbine components, Walbar also has extensive capacity and capability with a wide range of diesel engine core and turbo compressor assemblies, including complete assembly and test.

Tight Tolerance Grinding

We specialize in Tight Tolerance Grinding of various sizes of turbine blades, vanes and seal segments. Our equipment includes dual wheel grinders, 3 Axis grinders using continuous dress creep feed and also 5 axis CBN grinding machines.


We perform Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) largely for complex features on Vanes and Seal Segments. Our equipment includes Die sinker EDM, 4-Axis EDM and Wire EDM.


We have a range of Milling capabilities from 3-axis to 5-axis to machine any geometry, particularly where large amounts of material need to be removed.


Our extensive Turning capability is mainly used on Disks and Blisks.


We are the only manufacturer in Mexico with significant capacity and expertise in large horizontal broach machining used for compressor disks or turbine wheels where we cut the root form into the disk/wheel.


Throughout our operation, our expertise is grounded in proven technological competence and strict attention to detail. Walbar Engine Components’ manufacturing meets all the requirements of the aerospace, industrial gas turbine and locomotive OEMs which includes consistency, reliability and cost effectiveness.

No matter what the end application, Walbar’s customers can count on us for our trustworthy and consistent performance.

Our engineering group uses the latest design and machine programming software to ensure all processes are optimal. This, together with the expertise and knowledge of our engineers, drives down our manufacturing cost.

At Walbar Engine Components, we are focused on relentless continuous improvement and we utilize real-time data to empower our progress. Every employee is accountable to comply with procedures and achieve zero defects.

Our goal as a team is to deliver products of high quality while meeting or exceeding all aerospace industry and customer-specific standards.

We have highly qualified personnel in every area of production with great initiative and creativity and we augment our capabilities through structured training and mentoring programs.

Metrology Gauge Calibration

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

CBN 5-Axis Grinding

CMM Inspection

Calibration Records

Other capabilities

  • X Ray
  • Glass peen
  • Shot Peen
  • Heat treat
  • NDT inspection
  • MPI inspection
  • Met-Lab (Internal)
  • Abrasive blasting
Case Study

Working with Rolls Royce


Entrusted  with  significant  market  share  on  numerous  engine  components  throughout  the  turbine

2.  NGVs  (HP,  IP,  &  LP)
We  currently  outsource  some  special  processes,  but  we  are  developing  the  case  to  bring  this  technology  in  region

3.  SEAL SEGMENTS  (HP,  IP,  &  LP)
We  perform  100%  of  the  EDM  operations  and  we  partner  with  a  local  supplier  for  Electrode  support

We  manufacture  many  legacy  programs  for  Blades  and  Seal  Segments

Walbar  is  working  alongside  our  customer  on  a  design  for  manufacturing  (“DFM”)  exercise  for  next  generation  engines  to  achieve  optimum  manufacturability

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